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We are Just Ride the Bike. 

Statistics, research and reports

We are passionate about helping more people to ride bikes more often. To do this we need to tell people about infrastructure developments; councils need to know how cycling paths are being used; we need to show people great kit; we need to gather facts and figures that will convince others to ride. 

This page brings facts and figures together. It's almost impossible to stay on top of them all. We corral as many as we can here, (we aren't responsible for them) but if we've not got yours on here, just let us know:

Discussing the Numbers

Transport for London

Mayors Transport Strategy

Economic benefits of walking and cycling

For example

  • walking and cycling improvements can increase retail spend by up to 30%

  • people who are physically active take 27% fewer sick days each year than their colleagues


Department for Transport

Walking and Cycling Statistics 2017

For example

  • people made an average of 17 cycling trips and cycled an average of 60 miles

  • people cycled 54% further compared to 2002


National Cycleway Feasibility Study associated with HS2

Local road user survey report 2016

Cycle City Ambition: baseline and interim report

Cycle City Ambition: typical costs of cycling interventions

Living Streets: The UK Charity for everyday walking

The pedestrian pound: the business case for better streets and places


The Complete Business Case for Converting Street Parking Into Bike Lanes

New York City Department of Transportation 

Economic Benefits of Sustainable Streets

Professor Matthew Carmona

Place Value Wiki


London businesses support ‘Crossrail for Bikes’

British Council of Offices

The Market Cycles


University of the West of England

Commuting and Wellbeing

Hendriksen IJ, Simons M, Garre FG, Hildebrandt VH.

The association between commuter cycling and sickness absence

Cycling UK

For basic stats on UK cycling, including frequency, regularity and distances, Cycling UK have a dedicated page of some top line figures. These are mostly from 2016. 


A lot of research and reports from this UK based charity who run the National Cycle Network  

Bike Life reports

Key statistics and academic research

Air Quality

Economic benefits of active travel

Cycling Research Centre

A group of coaches; they publish the Journal of Cycling and Science

This is mostly about the sports science side of cycling. 

Publishers Taylor Francis host a specific webpage which brings together 100 journal articles on cycling. These are specifically academic papers, published in peer review journals. 

Carlton Reid - journalist and author

Cyclists Spend 40% More In London's Shops Than Motorists


Lots of interesting stuff about placemaking (and some of it about cycling and placemaking)

Design Council - creating healthy places

Ryder Architecture

Sport England - Active Design

NHS Healthy New Towns

The WHO Collaborating Centre for Healthy Urban Environments

Urban Cycling Institute

Dutch interdisciplinary academic institute, but with accessible reports and clear drive to have impact. 

Want more? Want your own research? Let's talk

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