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2018 Christmas Gifts for Female Cyclists
by Lorraine Smith, posted 10 December 2018

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Here we go again: watch out Santa, I hope that sack of yours is really big. 

Well, clearly I wasn't nearly as good as I thought I’d been last Christmas. Almost none of my top list of gifts arrived under the tree (see last years list - ed), so I’m asking for some again, as I still really want them. This year is another year on from my novice adventures, with a duathlon under my belt, a zero-number birthday and an increasingly busy life. Luckily, I am still excited (daunted!) by the sheer array of amazing stuff that is available with which I can adorn my bike, and, lets face it, myself.


After last years list, I noticed the ‘do we need specific female cyclist gear’ debate rumbled on. My general rule is it’s female specific because I am wearing it. But, as it is Christmas, no more shall I mention this. On with five cycling-related gifts which would bring me comfort and joy on Christmas morning. Santa, I don’t know what happened last year, perhaps it’s stuck in your spam folder, so here’s a new list of five.

Sportive Breaks - Mt Ventoux & Provence


In case you were wondering, I didn’t get the Mallorca trip last year - boo! I wonder if the ‘luxury holiday disguised as a cycling trip’ was a bit too transparent, even for me. This year I’m thinking of dialling up the cycling and, rather reluctantly, dialling down the luxury. With this in mind I’ve been looking at what other riders do. This has led me to Mont Ventoux, which is obviously a ridiculous place to race up, but apparently is OK to ride up, especially with full support from a professional support team. I’ve found a package from Sportive Breaks that sounds exactly like the sort of thing I could go for. It has some lovely local rides  - ‘rolling’ rather than hilly seems to be the order of the day. As they say on their website, “this 4 night trip is ridden at a more relaxed pace”. Come on Santa, sign me up now!

PS If any of you have done it, do drop us a line and let us know what it was like. Email, facebook or twitter is all good.


Sweaty Betty Stamina bra


This remains a great example of a cross-over piece of kit. Supportive and comfortable, with a range of colours to choose from, perfect for long stints in the saddle, or a blast round the muddy and unforgiven Duathlon race I did in the spring.


Stolen Goat Bodyline LS Cycling Jersey – Women’s Alchemy


I want to be wearing this on the roads and trails in 2019. Beautiful design and lovely cycling aesthetic, I can see me wearing this on almost every ride, even if its under a jacket. It’s not insulated or thermal, so it’s a long sleeve version of a standard jersey. Great in Spring, before I get sick of peeling on arm warmers.


Hoo Ha Ride Glide Chamois cream


Now then, Christmas is a time for good cheer, so now is the time to be honest with each other. We know one of things that puts women of cycling is the fear of getting some soreness on your bits. Well, fret no longer ladies, this is the stuff you need. I’m not sure you really need any instructions. It’s some cream for your saddle areas. Whether you think that we’d actually do a great deal better to stop using such ridiculous names for our bits (oh, I’m doing it as well) is a different matter. Get it on, and there's nothing stopping you; just ride that bike.


Workplay Cycling and Running hydration pack


I still love this. An alternative to the traditional Camelbak, the Workplay Cycling & Running hydration pack is just the ticket for mountain bikers and leisure riders alike. It might not do an all-day backcountry epic if that’s your bag (ha), but it will see you through most trips with its 5 litre capacity.

Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 20.50.47.png
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