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Cycle parking - what needs to happen

by George Hosegood, posted 10 June 2017

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George Hosegood, from Turvec Solutions, discusses some of the current issues and solutions for cycle parking. 

The increasing demand for cycle parking across the UK is largely a positive influence on

infrastructure. However, this has led to a rise in the amount of poor quality and badly thought out cycle stores, particularly in larger towns and cities.


There are currently no universal guidelines on bicycle parking, several best practice guidelines exist that provide recommended spacing, but these are often outdated and poorly thought out. As a rule, cycle parking is installed however the land owner or contractor sees fit. The most common problem points we see are limited loading distances that make a cycle rack inaccessible or difficult to use, or a poor-quality unit installed that may be dangerous for some cyclists.


Cycle parking needs to be viewed as a necessity in modern buildings, not a tick box exercise.

We are starting to see facilities installed that do allow for different designs and sizes of bicycles, however the vast majority of cycle stores do not meet this standard. An interesting case study to demonstrate this is a large commercial building. ‘On paper’ the building may require 400 bicycle parking spaces, but it should not be viewed as simply as that. The

400 spaces should comprise of an appropriate mix of parking, including space-efficient racks, Sheffield stands, folding bicycle lockers, kit storage and showers.


Cyclists tend to favour the traditional Sheffield stand as their favourite form of cycle parking, this is due to the ease of locking, however with the demand for increased spaces, space saving solutions such as two-tier racks are becoming more common.


It is important to consider that these space-saving solutions are just as accessible as the traditional stands. Gas-assisted lifting for example makes these racks just as easy for all cyclists with bicycles of all weights and sizes to access the upper tier.


What are your thoughts on the cycle parking in your area, and what do you believe are the best places to park you bicycle? We would love to hear your thoughts and feedback.

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All images: Turvec solutions, 2017

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