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We said it was extremely capable, all-rounder, only let down by it's marketing as an XC race bike. The Magic Spanner hurls some abuse our way (so what's new) but also has an opinion about the Ritchey. 

Magic Spanner's technical details

Ritchey P29er


​As usual I have had to add in some explanatory details for the others - as they never listen, and so don't understand anything technical. Apologies for anyone with half a brain, who can easily understand this stuff. 

  • 9mmQR? Why? I kind-of get the XC race choice here, but it limits the P29ers range of use, and I would argue, confidence up the front. If you’re that bothered then save weight somewhere else, with lighter components.

  • It has 2x11 – which is a curious choice. The ratio, from 24 at the front to 40 at the back, is so massive that not only could you climb a wall with it, but it means the cage is over-long. I'd be really concerned about rock strike (which is even more strange when you consider the tyre design).

  • There are split gear cables: One part has an outer cover, then some of it is exposed, then it has an outer cover. This is simply going to get full of crud, and stop working, really, this is not saving you enough money for the grief. 

  • Ritchey runs 175mm cranks – this is normal

  • Oh joy, it has a threaded Bottom Bracket. This is so much better than the things you keep being given nowadays, which are 'press fit'. Threaded bottom brackets are user serviceable

  • Tapered head tube, not unusual nowadays, even for a hardtail. Otherwise you can’t get off-the-peg forks. 

  • Clearance is not very big. Whilst the Ritchey Max evolution 29 x 2.25 are tall tyres, there is less than 1cm clearance behind the front derailleur, and not much on the seat stay. Given 2.25 is not an especially wide tyre in modern days you wonder if this might limit use slightly. Not perhaps as a pure XC machine, but I agree with the fools, that XC only is to waste such a versatile machine.

  • I'd expect full Shimano XT at this price, which is what Ritchey delivers. It has a 'clutch mech', creates tension when it’s needed, like on a big hit, but still let’s gear changes through (bit like a seat belt). So, you shouldn’t need a chain device to keep the chain on.

  • 720mm Ritchey bars

  • 90mm stem – totally slammed. Thsi is personal preference only, ignore what they said about it. 

  • Seat post, has an integrated clamp, which is perhaps the strongest indication of what Ritchey want you to do on this bike.

  • Saddle – I loved the saddle – very roadie kind of saddle, different to the saddles on any of our other bikes.

  • Small offset – 46mm. This means the Axle is forward of the headset tube. I tend to add an extra offset into most of my bikes, but this is just about acceptable. 

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