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Kidical MASSive
by Sylvia Gauthereau @CricklewoodMum posted 13 September 2017

Sylvia rides to places with, or without children, on a cargo bike since 2011. She lives in North West London and discovered a brand new accessible world when she realised she could cycle with an awful lot of stuff on board.

London's Kidical MASSive 2017 takes place on Sunday 17th September @11am, but it is more than just a one day celebration (be sure to bring a picnic). it is a demonstration of what our streets should be all about.

Kidical MASSive children cycling
Kidical MASSive children cycling

London will hold its third Kidical MASSive this weekend. The global event is part of a growing movement that campaigns and promotes family cycling under the banner that Kids Are Traffic too.

The Kidical Mass movement started in 2008 over in the US where cycling advocacy looked at ways to include children and their families when celebrating the bicycle culture. The name is also a nod to the more well-known Critical Mass events. Once a year, in September, communities across the world hold a ride on the same day, hence the MASSive.

As cycling advocacy is slowly getting some results with the wider public and policy makers, it was only natural that children should be involved too. Group rides provide comfort in number and it is sometimes all one family needs to start incorporating cycling as part of transportation choice. More families and children cycling can only lead to a better, more united voice for change.

Kidical Mass rides are legal, friendly and safe but without shying away from traffic. The ride this Sunday, will be marshalled throughout by the participants so the less experienced riders can focus on enjoying cycling with their families and friends. Due to the lack of cycling provision in many places sadly, it may be the only time, children can cycle independently on the road. But what a feeling to cycle with their mates! Anyone can organise a Kidical Mass in their local community.

It is also a great opportunity to find out more about family cycling and the wide range of solutions available. Various cycling combinations will be there, from bike seats to trailers, tandems to cargo bikes and everything in between. After the ride, there is a picnic and people are welcome to try out each other’s models, share information and tips.

It is very important to show families that there are many, many possibilities out there and that these solutions are becoming more widely available. Although infrastructure in London is a mixed bag with big difference in quality, the capital has some of the best examples of cycling provision in the form of the East-West segment of the cycle super highway (CS3) which offers separated lanes from the main traffic, along the Embankment.


This is the route Kidical MASSive 2017 will go once more. It’s smooth, has its own sets of traffic lights and is uninterrupted. You will be amazed! Take a look at either of the two videos here (right and below) and you can see what we mean.

Come on, have a go! Join Kidical MASSive London, get the kids involved to draw signs, bring glitters, bubbles, music and let’s celebrate cycling together!

Kidical Massive 2016 by @Mum_on_bike

Kidical MASSive children cycling
Kidical MASSive children cycling

Kidical Mass 2016 by @Cargo McCargoface

Kidical MASSive 2016 by Sylvia Gauthereau

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