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The JRtB 5 best cycling things of 2020

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In an unusual year, what were the things we most liked - connected to cycling? Let's find out

We don't want to spend any more time saying how weird/unusual/strange/sad 2020 was. It's all down to your personal experiences and reflections. With that in mind, here is our 2020 list of favourite cycling things. Enjoy. And feel free to send us what your favourite five things are of 2020. 

1. Gear Change

A surprise entry to the list, a rather dry government document. However, if the promises made in this document (unlikely, we know) are even partly put in place, there is the potential to change cycling infrastructure in the UK to a much better thing. There are many steps to go, and many hurdles to overcome - funding, the car lobby, local conservative politicians, public inertia - but that doesn't mean we shouldn't keep trying. Let's get going with this, and not just be critical ALL the time. 

2. Chilli tech LED armband lights

Sometimes it's the seemingly innocuous things that make a big difference. After a year of riding everyday (pretty much), throughout the dark, someone lending us a spare of these after saying they didn't think the back light was strong enough was a revolution. Other riders have been saying they are great as its possible to see how far out you are, as it's on your arm. Feels so safe wearing this it's become the American Express of lights; we don't leave home without it.

3. Galibier VentUltra Gilet

This is just the thing to take the chill off a spring/summer morning ride, before the day has warmed up. And when it has warmed up pop it in your pocket and forget about. Because it's extremely small when packed. The fact it has one of those trendy offset zips is neither here nor there. And we wouldn't like to consider wearing white if the roads are anything other than bone dry, but if the conditions are right, this thing is perfect.

4. Tao Geoghan Hart winning the Giro D'Italia

In fact, this is more about how good a race the Giro was, rather than Tao's win per se. That felt like the icing on a cake that was already totally delicious. When 1x Tour de France winner Geraint Thomas crashed out it looked like game over for the Brits, and then a totally fabulous race unfolded, with many new names coming to the fore, whilst even the old guard (step forward Alex Dowsett) managed to get stage wins. Beautiful, unpredictable, passionate, frightening, fantastic. The best Grand Tour bar none. 

5. King Alfred's Way - the epilogue. 

Bit of a controversial one this. The KAW was no strictly a favourite, in the way the other listees are. In fact some of us have vowed never to darken it's doors to hell again. But, it was a first bikepacking trip, and it has definitely got us fired up for more. We have the kit, it is pretty easy to organise (although negotiating the time off from other commitments is the biggest challenge), and it is thoroughly satisfying to know you did it all (whatever the 'it' is) under your own power. More please!

What's your favourite cycling thing of 2020? Let us know - links below.

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