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  • We connect Local Authorities to those who can deliver cycling services.

  • We connect innovators and pioneers with a new audiences.

  • We connect campaigners to data and research to support their cause.

  • We connect everyone to evidence.

  • We connect Politicians to cycling facts.

  • We connect the voices saying cycling can save the planet.

  • We connect cyclists to cycling services.

  • We connect the cycling industry to new customers.

How we help you

To get more people, riding more bikes, more often: 

  • You need evidence to deliver to new markets, with new products, brands and services

  • You need insight - from real-world evidence - to improve your business

  • You need to have an easy route to engage with residents, business and landowners with your proposed cycle path scheme

  • You need new customers

  • You need the local press to be talking about what you're doing

  • You need the right words to deliver your story to your audiences - old and new - through blogs, articles and project management, training, events and marketing campaigns. 

  • You need MPs, Local Politicians, Councillors and others, to be on your side, so you can get more people cycling more often. 

  • You need cyclists on your side because you are an MP, Local Politician, Councillor or charity. 

  • You need to connect the dots, across industry, public sector and voluntary groups.

  • You need to bringing good ideas, innovations and change, to delivering mobility as a service, for urban and rural areas. 

If you have a passion for creating a healthier, sustainable environment for future generations, if you want to see more people being cyclists, if you've got great products and services, and you want a bigger slice of the cycling pie, we can help you. 

Everyday we are out there: 

Researching bikes, cycling, customers
Speaking directly to your audiences
Bringing the very best PR to your aid
Making profitable relationships for your business 
Supporting intelligent infrastructure development
Building loyalty about your brand
Talking to MPs and Councillors about cycling
Providing actionable insight to make your business better
Need some facts? - see our page on statistics, research and reports

Sound Good?

Just before you leap to the telephone; we want you to know we will always be open, honest and frank with you. It's part of our operating philosophy, and we know it's how you can succeed. All our clients will tell you the same thing.


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