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JRtB Privacy Policy

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This is our privacy policy, don't get too excited.

Date of implementation: 25/04/18

Date for Review: 24/04/19


You do not need to register or supply any personal information to browse our website.


Data we collect

We only collect your email address. We do this through an active process, by which you input your email into the email collection box on the website, either in in the top right hand corner, or in the box at the bottom left of each page. However, you do not need to supply us with any personal information to use the services on our website. This information is only retained for the purpose of sending you our newsletter.



We use Google Analytics and Wix Analytics to track the numbers of visitors to our site but do not collect any personal information or store IP address locally on our site. This is only used to monitor the number of hits on our pages and location at the country level, therefore, we cannot track or trace individual users or their physical addresses however, Google or Wix may be able to. We do not have any control over what Google of Wix does with this data. They will be the data controller for the data they collect.


Cookies are used on this site by third parties to provide analytics. The only information we share with others is analytical data, which does not include any personal data.


What we do with the data

This information is used by us to email you our newsletter. We do not share, outsource, or offshore this information with anyone outside our company and only use it to contact you. We do not transfer the data to countries outside the EU.

We respect your privacy and will not sell or pass this information to anyone unless required by law.


Lawful Bases – the legal reason for processing your data

Without the contact information, we will not be able to send you the newsletter. By actively completing the email address box, with a legitimate email address, you consent to us storing this email, for the purposes of sending you our regular newsletter. You are free to not give the email address, or withdraw if you have given consent and then change your mind.

You understand that you are providing this information to us voluntarily and there is a legitimate reason to retain this information for the period required to discharge those obligations mentioned above.


We also rely on Legitimate Interest as a legal basis to process information where we have a clear interest to process your data and it does not impact your rights and freedoms. We would not want to harm your privacy so please let us know if you have any issues and we will try and explain and accommodate your wishes.


Your rights

When you provide us with your personal information you have certain rights, these include the right to  ensure:

  • we process your data fairly and lawfully.  

  • your data is accurate

  • we don’t collect excessive data about you

  • your data is secure

  • your data is only retained to discharge named duties


You can:

  • have your data updated and amended if it is incorrect, out of date or incomplete.

  • restrict the level of processing or object to automated processing

  • know how long we keep your data

  • ask us to erase your data at any point and be forgotten under certain circumstances

  • ask us to provide details of your personal data that we hold. (your email address)

  • ask for the data to be supplied to you in a portable format if appropriate


You can do this by using the Contact Us form, or by emailing We will, of course, need to verify your identity before we can speak to you about the data or act on your instructions.


How long do we keep your data

Your personal data will be retained for the period for which we are creating and sending newsletters, and distributing related communication regarding the newsletters, in order for us to interact with you. If you wish to be removed from the database then you can contact us, and we will remove your email address from the database.


How your data is protected

This information will be retained online on our website and protected behind our hosting provider’s firewall and other security arrangements. As with any such hosts website there is no absolute guarantee of security. If you feel this not sufficient then please do not provide any personal information or let us know and we will dispose of the information, securely of course.


How to contact us

If you have any issues with our privacy policy or if you feel you data has been used unfairly, then please contact us using the Contact Us form or email and we will respond to you a.s.a.p.

Join the JRtB mailing list

Typing your email address in this box is an active process, which gives your consent for us to send you only our newsletter, which comes out every 2 or 3 weeks. We also promise to look after your email address securely.

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