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Just Ride the Bike is an online magazine for everyone that rides a bicycle – any bike at all, at any speed over any terrain – that wants to read about, watch and discuss what to buy, what to wear, where to go and ideas on enjoying riding their bike just that bit more. The aim of the web site is to reach cyclists who might be put off buying or reading magazines or sites dominated by ideas about racing, thrills, spills and speed.


Just Ride the Bike covers bike reviews, product tests and bike maintenance but also how to encourage friends and family to ride. We will look at where is the best places to ride on holiday and the safest commute and we will run a ratings section to benchmark urban riding policies, bicycle storage and ride to work schemes. We will feature reports, comment and articles by our readers as well as experts, commentators and journalists – fundamentally it will be based on the experiences and stories from real bike riders.


Just Ride the Bike is not about racing, death defying downhills or visits to the Alps. It’s not just about urban cycling, fixed gear or being a hipster. It’s not about The Rules. It’s not about being clipped in.


Just Ride the Bike is about being honest and straightforward about riding a bike whether you’ve got a BMX, a Chopper or shopping bike, the latest carbon racer or a hardtail – or even all of them.


It’s about people who ride regularly – for the hell of it – with their head lifted up into the breeze and a smile on their faces.

Keep riding, 


Editor - Andrew Brown

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