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Just Ride the Bike is all about riding bicycles for the sheer joy of it. It doesn’t matter what kind of bike, rider, situation or location. It is about having fun on a bike.

What we want to do is champion the basic idea of riding bikes. To do that means developing a community of writers, reporters, bloggers or campaigners. It doesn’t matter how you see yourself - if you’re a cyclist, a cargo bike fan, a fixed wheel enthusiast, a MAMIL, or if you throw yourself down precipitous slopes on full suss MTBs (you know who you are) we want to hear from you. We want you to write for us. We want you to submit stories and ideas about anything bike riding related. It

might be about getting more people on bikes, it might be about celebrating cycling’s heritage or it might be about campaigning for better infrastructure and cycling’s place in a sustainable environment. Perhaps you want to talk about how important it is to encourage children to ride bikes, or you have a story about disability and cycling. Or it might be you want to share the experience you have had on a simple, but brilliant cycling holiday. It doesn’t matter. If it is about just riding bikes and everything that affects the joy of riding a bike then we want to publish your words on JRtB.


So, please get in touch. You can DM us via Twitter; email us direct or subscribe to the site and we will contact you. And if you don’t feel like writing, then you know what to do: just ride your bike.

Keep riding, 


Editor - Andrew Brown

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©Andrew Brown

©David Land

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