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Bike back better after lockdown

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Love to Ride are back with #bikemonth. Join Bike Month to help the UK recover from the coronavirus crisis, support Bikes for Key Workers initiatives, have some fun and win prizes.

The coronavirus crisis has brought all sorts of societal problems into sharper focus than ever, not least the way we move around. For the first time, the Government has been explicitly asking people to cycle. This has had an immediate effect, with bike shops reporting record sales and many more people on bikes across the country. As we emerge from lockdown and the economy reopens, cycling will play a central role in getting people moving again without having to run the risk of cramming into overcrowded public transport.


Love to Ride, who have engaged over 500,000 people in their cycling behaviour change programmes, are launching a new national campaign to help make cycling the default mode of transport for the ‘new normal’. Bike Month UK will run throughout June and has the sole aim of getting more people on bikes.


Love to Ride’s Director, Sam Robinson, said, “Last year we had almost 20,000 people log a ride for our Bike Week campaign in June. This year we hope to welcome many more as people rediscover riding and switch to cycling for transport. We’ve surveyed 10,000 people about how they intend to change their travel behaviour after this crisis and more than half of them intend to cycle more. Bike Month will help them to do just that.”


Anyone can take part in Bike Month. It doesn’t matter if you ride every day or if you haven’t been on a bike in years. It takes thirty seconds to register at and you can access guidance – written by qualified instructors – to help you ride in traffic. Love to Ride are also launching Urban Cycling Skills webinars to give people who are new to cycling the confidence they need to ride in traffic.


Love to Ride have been supporting Bikes for Key Workers initiatives across the UK and for Bike Month they are offering four prizes of a £500 donation to the winner’s local scheme. There are also two brand new bikes up for grabs and spot prizes to be won every day. To enter the prize draws, you just need to register on the Love to Ride website and enter your rides manually or by linking a cycling app (Strava, MapMyRide or Endomondo).


As well as helping to reopen the economy, riding a bike has huge benefits for individuals. It boosts your immune system, reduces the risk of cancer and heart disease by 45%, is great for mood and mental health and provides a cheap, green way to get from A to B, exercise and explore your surroundings. As well as helping to solve the nation’s transport problems, Bike Month has the simpler aim of helping people to enjoy the outdoors and rediscover the fun and freedom of riding a bike.


Whether you want to contribute to a cleaner, greener, happier and healthier new normal – or just to enjoy a bike ride with your family – why not join in for this new event and help spread the joy of cycling.

Find out more and register at


*See BMJ for research into cycling, cancer and heart disease

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Love to Ride get more people cycling using their online platform, local promotion and good ol’ human interaction


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