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Bike insurance - much more than a nice-to-have 

By Just Ride the Bike, December 2020

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Yes, it makes total sense to be insured as a bike rider and owner and protect yourself from theft, accident or injury. But choose your policies wisely

Do cyclists need insurance?

No, but yes. We think it is a no brainer to be insured.

Do cyclists need insurance? Do you need to be insured to ride a bike on the road? Can bike insurance protect you against theft? In short, it’s not a legal requirement, but it may be a good idea. So we are seriously advocating bike insurance.

If you’re a member of British Cycling then they will cover you to an extent for an accident and some personal injury issues. But not necessarily. There is small print to cover to check. But being a member of any association will not cover you for theft. And that is the number one thing you need to know.

What’s more, unless you specify the nature of the item if your bicycle is over say £1k then it is unlikely that your home insurance is going to cover any theft from the garage, shed or even the house itself. So, get insured. If you have, like a lot of people that ride bikes now, invested in a machine that is much more than a £200 steel steed from Facebook Marketplace then you need to seriously assess its value and review the best insurance sites – and read their small print. Super bikes might be near £10,000, but even decent road or mountain bikes are thousands of pounds/euros/dollars nowadays. Ebikes are noticeable more expensive, and are becoming a popular target for thieves*. 

How you go about this is up to you. Like everything else it depends what you ride, where you ride, how often and how fond you are of the bike itself. But regardless, it’s well worth considering investing in bicycle insurance if you want to cover your bike against theft and accidental damage, or if you travel and race lots and want to be covered for every eventuality.


Home insurance is OK so far as it goes – read your policy now to check – but we are recommending some form of specialist bike insurance. Because, well, it makes sense. It is after all, insurance. It’s possible to purchase insurance that will cover pretty much every eventuality imaginable, but for cyclists, these are the main areas that will be covered by specialist insurance that won’t be by home insurance:

  • Families and multi-bike households 

  • Kit damage during racing 

  • Lost race fees if unable to complete 

  • Additional bike accessories 

  • Cycle clothing

  • Minor to major personal accident cover 

  • Public liability if you cause an injury to someone else

  • Roadside assistance


Just Ride the Bike is partnering with Quote Zone to help our readers find the deal that’s right for them.

Quote Zone helps cyclists to find a policy that's right for them, covering a wide range of insurance suppliers specifically focused on bikes and cyclists. 

One way we can help is to try and break down the science and small print and explain some ideas for finding the best deal. So, over the first few months of 2021 – when some of you might have been given new kit, or a new bike, or you bought one for the kids perhaps – we will guide you through the pot holed road of bicycle insurance on the web and will help you make an informed decision on the type of cover you may need. Look out for more updates, advice and social media posts soon.

* Bike Register. 296,000 Estimated bicycle theft incidents 2019. Source: The Crime Survey for England and Wales (CSEW) - year ending December 2019.


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