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B'Twin 500 fingerless road gloves

By Dave Land, posted 13 September 2017

The one thing that makes them different from most road gloves, makes them really rather good

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The B'Twin fingerless gloves are £7.99. Not after a discount, not on a special offer, of any kind; just £7.99 off the shelf.  With no question about price, the questions then are about quality; what do you actually get for just under eight quid. What you get is a functional, user-friendly cycling glove, which is thin enough to be good for summer riding, with a really good fit. I rode 100km with them last week, and so far so good. I'd say they are delivering comfort and lightweight, and I do love the colour, but that's just me. I did specifically want a brighter pair. I'd been concerned about having black gloves at the end of black arm warmers in case this meant other road users could not see me indicating. But I don't want to get too carried away, they are just a pair of fingerless cycling gloves. 

The main feature I have fallen for, though, is that there is no velcro. I love the fact I can just pull them on, and they are on. Unlike almost all other road gloves, which have a small strap to try and make them (a bit) adjustable around the wrist. It does sound perverse, in days of more more more, to celebrate the removal of something. Nevertheless, being able to just pull the glove on and forget about it makes wearing them a surprising joy. I would recommend them on this basis alone. There has been a small increase in the number of pull-on gloves. In Mountain Biking in particular this is a current trend: I have a pair of 661 Raji long finger gloves, blood stained and ripped, I adore them.  


There is no reason the road won't see an increase in strapless gloves. And if you really don't like them, well, you could think of it as quite a cheap experiment, at least in cycling terms.

Photo credit: Dave Land 2017

Available only at Decathlon stores. see, in 46 countries worldwide. 

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