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Campagnolo aims to put the cyclist in the centre
By Chloe Bishop, June 2023

Chloe Bishop take a quick look at Campagnolos new Super Record Wireless 12-speed road groupset

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Campagnolo has introduced its new Super Record Wireless 12-speed road groupset with the intent to put the cyclist at the centre. But with a price tag of £4,499 you might wonder which bike rider they are talking about.


“We have put the cyclist at the centre. We want to make their life easier and make them have the best experience,” is what Giacomo, the product designer said when explaining what makes their new piece of technology such an efficient addition for cyclists. 


There is no doubt that Campagnolo is right to describe its new work as “state-of-the-art wireless shifting technology which sets a new benchmark in precision and ensures seamless interaction between rider and bike.” It is what the 90-year old manufacturer has been doing since it was founded in 1933 in Vicenza, Italy. 


But they have had to up their game to keep pace with the likes of Shimano. The Super Record Wireless groupset has been produced from the highest-specification carbon fibre, titanium, and aluminium to provide maximum functionality at a minimal weight. To ensure a dynamic riding experience, they have redefined the ergonomics, which have now been designed for one-motion gear changes to enable the rider to shift fluidly, and they have created an application (MyCampy, available for Apple and Android), where you will be able to set all the components, see the battery status and set the multi-shifting gear in mind for it to be an easier interaction for the cyclist. 


As well as wireless shifting with Bluetooth communication, which ensures every exchange between components and an ULTRA-TORQUE system, their most advanced system for translating organic power into fierce output. 


They have covered all areas when thinking about what a rider would need to make the riding experience easier, such as a long-lasting charge of 750km battery life as well as a fast-charging time of 45 minutes for a full battery charge making this groupset extremely reliable for longer rides. 


The groupset also has superior braking technology, such as responsive braking modulation that responds instantly to every input, a patented cooling system which guarantees stable braking and overheating protection even on long, steep descents, along with prioritising safety they have taken extra measures to engineer a patented anti-cutting surface preventing the bike from becoming a potential hazard in the event of an emergency. 


And it doesn’t stop there; the Super Record Wireless groupset has what they describe as perfect cadence. With a reimagined gear ratio, the groupset comes with a completely new transmission system, meaning that sprints are faster, and climbs are softer. It has been designed to deliver “that” feeling, meaning you can effortlessly synchronise your movements with the machine and discover your ideal combination. It naturally pairs with the NEXT 3 WAYS freewheel body, their patented standard hub for satisfying motion. 


Some other important information to add to this is that they have designed the groupset to be waterproof (good if using a pressure washer on it), the charging port is a magnetic pin, making it a quick and secure connection, and the batteries are not the same for the rear and front derailleurs. 


Considering all the work and thought that has been put into this groupset, the price tag could be worth it if you are ready to make that purchase! But who are you? You’re not me. It would be great to meet the rider that Campag (as their aficionados refer to them knowingly) is putting at the centre. Because if they can afford this kit and will gain value from it then they will have bike riding stories to share. 


But Campagnolo knows its market and seems to have kept the cyclist in mind and what a Campag cyclist would want to experience while on a bike. From a brand-new gear ratio to being waterproof, they have covered every detail with the Super Record Wireless 12-speed road groupset. and you can bet that other manufacturers will test it, ride it, and learn and then the benefit will trickle down to all of us who just ride the bike. 

For more in-depth information on this product, visit their website Campagnolo.

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All photos: Campagnolo, 2023

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