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"I am the Alpha and the Omega. Death and rebirth. And, as you die, so will I be reborn." - Helmetor 2

By Dave Land, posted 26 May 2020

So good, we added another one. this one's pink. 

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Following the review of the first Helmetor it seems hard to add much to the original review, other than to say it's now had a lot of use. 

It's further credit to Tim and Johnnie McCrea that their combination of design know-how, biomechanical expertise, love of cycling, and concern for their children, has produced a strong product, which has lasted well, and really, now I have a second, I wonder why it's taken me so long to get another. 


I can now say, after my initial incompetence that there was no faffing with the second one. Although I'd already said to the household it won't work very well with the new MTB helmet as you need two holes down the middle of the helmet. You don't need this, you just need one slot somewhere. 

In the previous review I said the solution is to get another Helmetor, and even as I write this, I wonder why its taken so long. I guess that's the power of shed-based working from home. You actually have the chance to sort of the shed, beyond the place I shove the bikes. 


With a chance to actually re-look at such a curious object, the thing I continue to admire about the Helmetor is the thought that has gone into it. If you do crack on and get some, I wonder what else comes close to being quite so simple, yet so good at solving a specific problem, for a tenner.


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Credits D Land, 2018

Helmetors are available online from, all in black, with four different coloured 'buttons', for £9.99.

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