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New Bikes: Ibis Ripley LS

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The Ibis Ripley LS is a beautifully crafted full suspension carbon 29er ‘super-bike’. The Ripley LS is a Goldilocks bike, not too much, not too little, of pretty much everything. Designed for riders that ride bike parks, natural trails and long one day rides, the Ripley LS floats over obstacles, and flatters rider input. Whilst the bike is supremely capable, at these prices the likely audience will be 40+’ers with disposable income in spades.


It has 120mm travel and 130mm fork. It has on-trend wider rims, so you can run the on-trend super-wide tyres (Maxxis 2.5 WT for example) in this frame. You can fit longer travel forks – like this model here. And you can run 1x or 2x drive trains. This version has a 1x on it.


The Ripley LS has been in production for four years, which means Ibis have been able to improve it, rather than just ditch things and bring out new bikes. We generally feel that evolution is the way to a better machine all round.

Quotes from a first timer ride:

“It was just better than anything I’ve ridden before. The level of confidence-inspiration is massive. The wider/narrower wheel specific rims helped a lot. It slides, with two wheels, so although it slides, you never feel out of control. The suspension is so smooth and supple, it powers through. Even on an end-of-ride blue trail, it was the fastest I’ve ever been through that”.


Whilst this is nudging super-bike territory (nudging?!?! – ed) It is, however, all about the geometry. You could run different wheels, forks, shock, lower spec saddle and drive train, but as long as you keep that geometry - long, low, slack – you could forget about all of the tech and just ride the bike anywhere.


  • 120mm rear wheel dw-link travel

  • Carbon fiber monocoque frame and swingarm

  • 5.9 Pound frame* with Fox FLOAT DPS EVOL

  • Approved for 130-140mm forks

  • Tapered head tube (suitable for various Cane Creeks & Chris King InSet 3)

  • Shock Specs: Fox Factory FLOAT DPS 3pos w/Adj and EVOL Sleeve with Kashima Coat

  • Provision for internal cable-actuated or hydraulic adjustable seat posts

  • Post mount rear brake mounts

  • Shimano 2X side swing or 2x Di2 front derailleur compatible and of course, 1X

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