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Keep Me Safe?

By Andrew Brown, posted 27 September 2017

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Bike computers are ten a penny, but can they help keep you safe? The new Bike Computer claims it can. What do you think?

There are bike computers and bike computers, but so far as we can see, there is only one that is designed to keep you safe and that isn’t just about speed, distance, time and performance.


We should stress we have not tested this idea yet – we will be downloading it shortly and doing a proper review soon – but it looks worth investigating and we’d like to know what readers and bike riders think of the Bike Computer.


The original idea was to offer safety and convenience for anyone from bike enthusiasts to professionals – on any bikes. The developers have improved the concept with a feature called ‘Keep me Safe’. This came about after one of their friends had a major incident – which is worth checking out on YouTube.

The Keep Me Safe feature is available in the premium version on offer. It has a darker display for night rides, and they recently added a Black Theme (helping with battery usage), detailed analytics for rides and cycling metrics. They also claim to have implemented support for your devices so that Bike Computer works with almost all Bluetooth activity tracker and HR monitors.


This is where your feedback and comment comes in as founder of Bike Computer, Ivan Ivanovski says, "Adding new features is part of the challenge and it has been tremendous fun, mainly because we like to talk to cyclists and through research and discussion to find out what they care about.”


They have even added a chat in the app so they can be always connected with their users.

It looks a great idea and one we are looking forward to testing – but let us know what you think. The business is only six months old but already says it has more than 360,000 downloads and 120,000 active users with more than 10,000 uploaded activities per day. By the end of the year they estimate they might have around one Million downloads.


Check out the site here: Bike Computer  

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