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Leyzne Pressure Drive V2 ABS minipump

By Andy Brown, posted 22 January 2018

Can you have form and function, in one minipump? Andy finds out. 

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People who ride bikes - let’s try to avoid talking about cyclists for once - do like gear. But mainly we like stuff that keeps things practical, tidy and simple. That is why I (as one half of JRtB) really like most things designed and sold by Lezyne.


Last summer my trusty bike pump from Halfords (no less) gave up the ghost whilst I was at the side of the road. I’m not sure how long pumps last, but this had done me at least five years service. It had travelled strapped to the bike and got covered in muck and recently been transported in my back pocket - which I much prefer.


So, for a replacement I wanted something sturdy, small, compact with decent power and that felt good in my hand. I opted for Lezyne (because I’ve had good experience with the brand before and I’d done a bit of product research). To be precise I selected the Lezyne Pressure Drive V2 ABS Mini Pump as my bicycle pump of choice.


I love it. The aesthetics are superb, the feel of the aluminium is just a design pleasure and it works brilliantly. What is it exactly? Well, it is a - compact HP hand pump made of 100% custom CNC-machined aluminium for precise and lightweight construction - that’s the marketing blurb, but it is a good summary.


In theory, the design allows the pump to reach riding pressure with about two thirds of the effort of other conventional pumps. I’ve not tested that yet - but we will at some point have whatever is the bicycle equivalent of the Pepsi Challenge with other riders by the side of the road I am sure.


One key feature is the ABS flex-hose to connect to either Presta or schrader valves; the hose makes it much easier to pump as well with a secure attachment to the wheel/tyre. Also, an added bonus is the little button which you can press to release some air if you think you overdid it. All in all, a great performer and nice looking mini pump.


Oh and if you don’t want to put it in your pocket then it also comes with a plastic mount, with velcro strap.


Nice work Lezyne. Again.

Credit: Lezyne, 2018.

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