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Pashley revolutionises urban delivery with its first electric cargo bike

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Lochie Poore looks at how Pashley, the UK’s oldest bicycle manufacturer, aims to revolutionise urban delivery with its new Electric Cargo Bike.

Esteemed bicycle maker Pashley – with a legacy dating back to 1926, and renowned for classic grocery and postal bikes,  to redefine urban delivery with its latest innovation.

The ALECS (Articulated, Lightweight, Electric, Cargo solution) is the new way to complete urban delivery tasks. With city centres restricting access to past optimal delivery systems, vans, and trucks, the all-new Pashley’s electric cargo tricycle will offer a green, efficient, and cost-effective solution for last-mile logistics.


The ALECS tricycle, now in full production, has been meticulously designed to securely transport up to 110 kg of cargo at a speed of 25kph. Its patented tilting front section sets this vehicle apart, which combines a tricycle's stability with a bicycle's agility and manoeuvrability. Measuring 80 cm in width, the ALECS can nimbly navigate through bike lanes and utilise faster routes, enabling swift and efficient deliveries.


Each ALECS tricycle will be hand-built in Pashley's Stratford-upon-Avon factory, where the company proudly stands as one of the few remaining bicycle manufacturers in the UK. Representing the culmination of over 90 years of experience in the industry, the ALECS has undergone exhaustive real-time safety, durability, and rider ergonomics testing to ensure its reliability and performance.


With the commencement of full-scale production, Pashley has made a demo fleet of ALECS tricycles available for businesses to trial in their delivery operations. By retaining complete control over the manufacturing process, Pashley can customise the tricycles according to customers' specific requirements, including colour, box size, and branding.

Pashley's Stratford-upon-Avon factory, known for its hand-built traditional bicycles and tricycles, has been at the forefront of the ALECS development for the past four years. The company has garnered an unmatched reputation in the cargo industry, manufacturing carrier products for numerous domestic and international businesses, including the iconic red "postie" bikes synonymous with Royal Mail.


In addition to its cargo expertise, Pashley has emerged as a global leader in micro-mobility. The company supplies bikes and electric bikes to two of the United Kingdom's largest bike-sharing schemes: the Santander-sponsored Bike Share scheme in London, formerly and commonly known as "Boris bikes'', and West West Midlands Cycle Hire, operating in and around Birmingham.


Pashley's ALECS tricycle is poised to transform urban delivery, providing a greener and more efficient alternative to conventional vehicles. With its commitment to quality craftsmanship and innovative design, Pashley is driving the evolution of last-mile logistics, ensuring that businesses can meet the demands of modern urban environments while reducing their environmental impact.


Adrian Williams, Managing Director of Pashley, expressed his satisfaction with the overwhelming response to the ALECS tricycle, stating, "From small businesses needing a delivery solution to large organisations like Royal Mail, we have identified a real need to meet the growing demand from cargo delivery companies operating in urban areas where vans and trucks are restricted. Our ALECS vehicle offers versatile uses and applications, and it embodies the innovative spirit of our company, which has been crafting bicycles for nearly a century."


As the longest-established bicycle maker in England, Pashley's ALECS tricycle stands as a testament to the company's unwavering dedication to quality, sustainability, and progress in the field of urban mobility.

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