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Supporting Sportives - Spring

Spring sportive time is kicking in, and we're getting behind our local one - Cotswold Cogfest. This is only its second year, but there was a healthy number of riders last year, and we've been told, it looks like being a bigger ride out this time around. Here at JRtB we try not to be overly judgemental, but we do have a soft-spot for the local sportives, usually run by or for a small charity, where bonhomie, excellent food and a good day in the saddle might be prioritised over hefty prices, commercial ventures, timekeeping and big name sponsors. In this regard Cogfest ticks all the boxes. The volunteers were all really friendly, the homemade cake at the feed station was amazing, the routes were genuinely lovely, without being too easy or too hard, and whilst it was for the PTA, no-one banged on about it. If you like your sportives with a a bit of character, and some friendly natives, then get along to this one in Gloucestershire., on twitter @cotswoldcogfest and on Facebook.

Picture credits Dave Land, 2017.

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